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Looking for a professional home inspector in Oak Lawn? Buying a new home or wanting someone to survey the one you have? Whatever the case, when you need an Oak Lawn home inspector, Chicago Metro Home Inspections is at your service. As one of the area’s leading home inspection companies, we serve clients throughout Oak Lawn and into the city's other suburbs. Here in one of the largest municipalities in Cook County, set 13 miles southwest of the city, there is an abundance of homes on the market (or about to be) — and no one wants to make a big transaction without doing his or her due diligence. As a buyer or seller looking for an in-depth examination of your property, you can find the kind of home inspector in Oak Lawn that both understands the area, and the area’s building conventions when you come to us.

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Looking for Oak Lawn’s most reliable home inspector? Look no further than Chicago Metro Home Inspections!

What Our Inspections Include

When you choose an Oak Lawn home inspector from Chicago Metro Home Inspections, you gain a professional who is dedicated to examining all the components of your property. Schedule one of our experts to come to your site, and you can rest easy that we’ll evaluate everything from the chimney to the plumbing to the roof.

Included in our home inspections are detailed checks of features such as:

  • House foundation
  • Basement
  • Under-floor areas
  • Roofing
  • Attic areas
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
  • HVAC elements
  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • All interior elements — including walls, floors and cabinetry

Why Choose Chicago Metro Home Inspections?

Backed by a thorough understanding of construction trades, Chicago homes and quality customer service, Chicago Metro Home Inspections is your best resource for skilled home inspections in Oak Lawn, IL. When working with us, you receive:

  • Detailed inspections examining all components of your property
  • Evaluations by certified, trained, experienced inspectors
  • An accurate, in-depth, written report within 24 hours of inspection
  • A follow-up phone call to review your inspection and the accompanying written report
  • Detailed explanations of any problems or concerns found in the property

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When you need the best in Oak Lawn home inspections, come to Chicago Metro Home Inspections. We’ll equip you with accurate, detailed information to empower your buying, selling or other property decisions.

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